The Right Experience for the Job

Steve applies more than 35 years of engineering and environmental clean-up experience to designing and building the Hanford Vit Plant. He joined the project in 2001 and has served in several engineering and procurement management roles that involve providing technical oversight and resolving technical issues.

He, as well as several others at the Vit Plant, worked at the Defense Waste Processing Facility at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. At DWPF, Steve served in several roles, including as the project engineering manager.

I lived through the challenges of designing, building and testing a first-of-a-kind vitrification facility, and we delivered a high-quality and safe

plant that has performed well.

Steve is now applying the lessons he learned at DWPF and other nuclear and environmental clean-up projects to the Vit Plant.

“The bottom line is this,” Steve says. “We have people with extensive nuclear and chemical backgrounds who have designed and built successful vitrification, nuclear power and chemical processing plants around the world. We have the expertise and experience to overcome challenges. We are the right team for the job.”


  • Savannah River was used in the mid-1900s to process materials produced for nuclear weapons, just like Hanford.
  • As of 2013, DWPF has successfully produced more than 3,600 canisters of vitrified waste.
  • Hanford has significantly more waste than Savannah River, which creates unique challenges.