Team Vit Plant
Matt K.
Organization Engineering
Position Mechanical Systems Engineer
Location Main Building, Richland
Years with WTP 8.0
Years with Bechtel 8.0

Matt has been with the Vit Plant for eight years. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in nuclear engineering and immediately joined Bechtel and the Vit Plant. Matt first worked as a nuclear safety analyst in the Nuclear Safety group.

In 2013, he transitioned to the Systems Engineering group, where he is a mechanical systems engineer. In this position, he works on issuing system design descriptions that are more in depth and better capture all applicable requirements than previous descriptions. It’s a significant undertaking, and, since joining the Vit Plant, he is most proud of helping to issue more than 50 system design descriptions.

Matt enjoys his work because his efforts contribute to solving Hanford’s waste problem. “It’s rewarding to know that the system designs I work on will help make the Vit Plant operate and achieve its mission.”

In his spare time, Matt enjoys snowboarding, camping, wine tasting, and traveling with his wife, Monica. He also enjoys sports, and even had the opportunity to don the Nittany Lion mascot costume while he was at Penn State.