Determined to Deliver Nuclear Quality

Linda knows the nuclear industry. She has 40 years of experience, including 35 years in operating nuclear power plants. She has worked in engineering, startup, licensing, training, and quality assurance, and she understands the rigor required in a nuclear environment. Linda is now applying that experience as a senior manager for quality assurance at the Hanford Vit Plant.

The plant is not operating now, but, when it does, it will process Hanford’s radioactive waste into a solid glass form that is safe for the environment.

to ensure it is ready to safely process radioactive materials during operations.

We are treating the Vit Plant like a nuclear facility today, during design and construction,

Treating the Vit Plant like a nuclear facility means fostering a strong nuclear safety culture, where employees feel free to ask questions and raise issues. It means being committed to continuous improvement and learning as the project progresses. It means trusting, but verifying, that things are done right.

Safety and quality are important to Linda because she understands the hazards of the 56 million gallons of radioactive waste stored at Hanford and how essential it is to protect her community.

“This is what I signed up for as a professional in the nuclear industry,” Linda says. “It’s my responsibility to ensure the Vit Plant operates safely; to think about workers, the public and the environment every step of the way; and to not just ‘get it done.’ I take that responsibility very seriously.”


  • It’s not enough to design and build a high-quality plant that will operate safely, our documentation has to prove we built a high-quality plant that will operate safely
  • And that documentation has to stand the test of time.