Committed to Quality Construction

John has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. He started in the building trades as a surveyor and worked his way through the ranks, from civil superintendent to construction site manager. He has helped build nuclear power plants, coal-fired power plants, and co-generation plants.

Today, John applies his experience to building a high-quality and safe Vit Plant that will process Hanford’s radioactive waste into a stable glass form. He joined the Vit Plant in 2001 and has served in a number of construction leadership roles, including as a civil superintendent for more than 10 years.

It’s rewarding to look back at the end of the day and think, ‘I built that.’

Civil construction is fun, important, and challenging. I love seeing what I’ve accomplished.

Building things twice is not an option for John. It is all about getting it right the first time. He takes pride in his work and upholding Bechtel’s reputation as one of the world’s most respected engineering, construction, and project management companies in the world.

“Bechtel is known for quality construction, and that is what we are doing here,” John says. “We have our best talent—from craft to superintendents—on the construction site doing what they do best. The project may be big and complex, but that just means it takes a little more time to work through it. We’ll get it done, and we’ll get it done right.”


  • John’s wife Catherine works in project controls, which manages cost and schedule aspects for the Hanford Vit Plant project.
  • “We have mutual respect for what we each contribute to the project,” John says.
  • “She is in the offices, and I’m at the construction site. We both work hard and are vested in each other’s success and the success of the project as a whole.”