Vitrification Experience From Start to Finish

Joe has more than 25 years of experience in the nuclear industry and environmental cleanup, including eight years at Hanford and 12 years at the West Valley Demonstration Project, the nation’s first full-cycle vitrification plant.

Joe was with West Valley from construction turnover through decommissioning and demolition. He served in a variety of management positions, including project director and high-level waste facility manager. He oversaw safe vitrification of the high-level waste and disposal of 20,000 drums of radioactive waste. Joe now applies his experience to the Vit Plant that is being constructed at Hanford.

We saw the challenges and the successes and can use those lessons learned here at Hanford.

We were at West Valley, boots on the ground, from startup through completion.


  • The West Valley Demonstration Project is a Department of Energy radioactive waste management and decommissioning project at the site of the only commercial nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in the U.S.
  • The project successfully vitrified nearly 1 million gallons of high-level waste into 600 tons of glass that is stored in 275 canisters.
  • Applying lessons learned from West Valley will help address Hanford’s unique challenges, such as processing significantly more waste.