Constructing Nuclear Quality Across the U.S.

Joe has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry and, of these, 35 years in nuclear construction. He has worked on ten nuclear power plants across the country, and he understands how and why safety and quality must be built into a plant. Joe now applies that knowledge to building the Vit Plant at Hanford.

“Safety and quality are about integrity,” Joe says. “Do the right thing when no one is watching because you care about protecting your co-workers and future workers. What we do today matters to those who run the plant tomorrow.”

Joe joined the Vit Plant in 2002 and has worked on three of the four major nuclear facilities, as well as many of the support buildings. He has been in various construction supervision roles and seen hundreds of cubic yards of concrete placed, tons of steel erected, and permanent plant equipment installed.

“I’ve always enjoyed hands-on work and getting out in the field,” Joe says. “I like the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day, being able to turn around and see what I’ve done, see the buildings go up and the commodities go in.”

Joe also understands that engineering and construction, particularly on a mega project like the Vit Plant, is a team effort.

We have some of the best skilled craft and professionals working to get the job done right.

We want to clean up Hanford and make our community a better place for our families. We want to make a difference.


  • 264,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to fill 80 Olympic-sized pools
  • 1,021,000 feet of piping, laid end-to-end would stretch more than the distance from Seattle, Wash., to Portland, Ore.
  • 41,000 tons of structural steel, equivalent to more than four Eiffel Towers
  • 5,351,000 feet of cable, laid end-to-end would stretch more than the distance from Seattle, Wash., to Salt Lake City, Utah