Permanent Plant Equipment

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Opportunities in Permanent Plant Equipment are materials which will be incorporated directly into the Vit Plant. Examples include: piping, HVAC equipment, electrical panels, transmitters, hose assemblies, laboratory equipment, etc.

Budget Pending

Posted RFI Number / Description Quality Level Submit Interest Submit Interest By Forecasted RFP Date Buyer Name
04/09/2018 24590-CM-MRA-JP02-00007
Press/DP/Level/Temp Transmitters
CM Submit Interest 04/23/2018 04/24/2018 Daniels, Dolly
04/09/2018 24590-CM-MRA-MPPM-00004
EMF Blowdown Pump
CM Submit Interest 04/23/2018 05/08/2018 Hall, Beej
04/18/2018 24590-NP-FMR-UD73-00001
Benefits and Business Systems Requirments
NP Submit Interest 05/14/2018 06/04/2018 Vance, Darla