Balance of Facilities

The Balance of FacilitiesThe Vit Plant’s Balance of Facilities is made up of 20 facilities and systems, plus interconnecting piping, electrical, and other utilities that provide support functions to the Pretreatment, Low-Activity and High-Level Waste Vitrification, and Analytical Laboratory facilities.

The support utilities include:

  • Electrical power distribution system
  • Backup power systems
  • Compressed air
  • Chilled, process, potable, and fire water and steam systems
  • Communication and control systems

Once completed and operational, the Vit Plant’s BOF will provide:

  • A chilled water system that could cool 23,500 houses
  • An electrical power distribution that could power 2,250 houses
  • A compressed air system that could fill the Goodyear blimp in three minutes
  • A fuel oil storage that could fill the gas tanks of 11,500 cars
  • A steam plant that could heat 3,300 houses