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  • Team completes testing for Vit Plant switchgear building

    The Vit Plant Project Team concluded startup functional testing of Building 91. The switchgear building provides electrical support to the more than 20 support structures of the Vit Plant's Balance of Facilities.

  • Third collaboration event continues focus on supply chain quality

    The annual event, hosted by the Vit Plant Procurement and Subcontracts department, emphasizes collaboration between the Vit Plant and its supply chain that is focused on meeting the unique quality and safety requirements that come with working on the Vit Plant.

  • Radioactive waste melters assembled inside Vit Plant

    RICHLAND, Wash. — Key pieces of equipment that will be used to treat radioactive tank waste at the Hanford Site have now been safely and successfully assembled at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) Low-Activity Waste (LAW) Facility.

The Vit Plant

The Solution to Treating Hanford's Nuclear WasteLearn More
The Hanford Vit Plant is a first-of-a-kind project of immense scale and complexity. It will eliminate the environmental threat posed by 56 million gallons of nuclear waste currently stored at the Hanford Site in Washington state.

Virtual Tour

Tour the Hanford Vit Plant, VirtuallyGo to the Virtual Tour
We invite you to virtually tour the facilities being built at the Vit Plant. Take a peek into the nuclear facilities and support structures on the 65-acre site.

Direct Feed LAW

The Sequenced Approach to Treating Hanford's WasteLearn More
The Department of Energy developed a sequenced approach that would treat low-activity waste first. This approach, called direct feed low-activity waste, will begin treating waste as soon as practical to protect the Columbia River and the public.

My Mission

Joe, General SuperintendentRead more
Joe has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry and, of these, 35 years in nuclear construction. He has worked on ten nuclear power plants across the country.

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Hanford Vit Plant Overview
Take a tour inside the massive, first-of-a-kind Waste Treatment Plant, also known as the Vit Plant, under construction at the Hanford Site in Southeastern Washington State. The...